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Row Number Project Title Award Session Year Section Country Field Category Rank Eng part Keywords Researcher(s)
121 Youth - KYA 23 2021 Iran Arts third
  1. Nouraei Ashtiani
122 Youth - KYA 23 2021 Arts second
  1. Mostafapour Kharzoghi
    Ghasem Ali
123 Youth - KYA 23 2021 Iran Arts First
  1. Afzali Baghdad Abadi
124 Analytical and Experimental Design of Fan-Bracing System Youth - KYA 23 2020 Iran Civil Engineering innovation third
  1. Ghayoumi
  2. Maleki
125 Design and Manufacture of a Torque Sensor for the Ground Test of Satellite Reaction Wheels Youth - KYA 23 2020 Iran mechanics Applied third
  1. Yousefi
126 A Device for Measuring the Latent and Uncounted Gases of Pressure Reducing Stations and the Gas Network Youth - KYA 23 2020 Iran mechanics Applied third
  1. Jamalpour
127 Design Ceramic of the Membrane pH Combination Electrodes Youth - KYA 23 2020 Iran chemistry Applied second
  1. Ashkani Reza Beyglu
128 Development of New Technologies for Removal and Degradation of Persistent and Emerging Organic Pollutants in Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes Youth - KYA 23 2021 Iran Environment Applied second
  1. Ansari
129 Development of a Nanotechnology-based Method for Diagnosing COVID-19 Youth - KYA 23 2021 Iran Nano innovation third
  1. Karami
130 Preparation of Nanoporous Adsorbents for Adsorption and Storage of Carbon Dioxide Youth - KYA 23 2021 Iran Nano Fundamental third
  1. Safarifard
131 Design and fabrication of nanocomposite nanofibers of metal-organic frameworks Youth - KYA 23 2021 iran Nano Technology Fundamental second
  1. Roshanfekr Rad
  2. Irani
132 Investigation and development of pharmaceuticals from marine organisms International-KIA 33 2020 The Republic of Korea (South Korea) Marine Biotechnology Applied Research - PDF icon Prof. Se-Kwon KIM.pdf
133 Improving our knowledge about relaxation-property relationships in metallic glasses International-KIA 33 2020 China Materials, Metallurgy and New Energies Fundamental - PDF icon Prof. Wei-Hua WANG.pdf
134 Innovation of functional coordination compounds and coordination polymers International-KIA 33 2020 China Chemical Technologies Fundamental - PDF icon Prof. Xiao-Ming CHEN.pdf
135 Market-oriented and energy-efficient algorithms and software systems for cloud computing International-KIA 33 2020 Aَustralia Electronics & Computer Fundamental - PDF icon Prof. Rajkumar BUYYA.pdf
136 Research, design and implementation of renewable energy technologies in networked microgrids International-KIA 33 2020 Iranian resident in the USA Electronics & Computer Applied Research - PDF icon Prof. Seyed Mohammad.pdf
137 Perovskite Solar Cells International-KIA 34 2021 switzerland Materials, Metallurgy and New Energies Image icon Dr nazeir din- latin.jpg
138 Discovering and establishing super-wettability system: from fundamental understanding to innovative applications International-KIA 34 2021 china Chemical Technologies Image icon Dr jiyang- latin.jpg
139 Ear Born Imaging Based on Combine Aperture International-KIA 34 2021 iran Electronic & Computer Second Image icon Shahram.jpg
140 The Method and Device for High Frequency Movement Recording Based on Multi-Positioning in a Single Frame (AFRA system) International-KIA 34 2021 iran Electronics & Computer third PDF icon Hossein Jahankhah.pdf