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Row Number Project Title Award Session Year Section Country Field Category Rank Eng part Keywordssort ascending
2021 Production of sponge iron by direct reduced iron method (Qayem design) International-KIA 10 1997 National Iran Materials and Metallurgy  Invention First
2022 Saffron flower processing machine, based on image processing Youth - KYA 19 2017 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Agricultural and Natural Resources Applied Research Third
2024 Relativistically intense laser – matter interaction International-KIA 14 2001 Foreign Georgia Basic Sciences Winner Third Image icon 14-46.jpg
2025 Political typology of the religious scholars (Imam Khomeini|s viewpoint) Youth - KYA 2 2000 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Human Sciences BSc Student Third
2026 Strategic information and communications technology master plan of Tehran municipality International-KIA 22 2009 National Iran Industry and Technology Management Research and Development Third PDF icon 22-57.pdf
2028 Preparation and characterization of Kenaf reinforced thermoplastic composites International-KIA 26 2013 Foreign Malaysia Mechanics Applied Research Third PDF icon 26- Englishpart 82.pdf
2029 Anti Armour missile launcher International-KIA 13 2000 National Iran Mechanics Applied Research Second joint
2031 Effect of neokalium (potassium) on prevention and treatment of salmonella, brucella and fungus ovine abortion International-KIA 5 1992 National Iran Medical Sciences Research Second
2033 Design and construction a pole climbing robot Youth - KYA 6 2004 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran - MSc Student Third
2034 Design and manufacture of surface coating machine by thermal spraying techniques Youth - KYA 11 2009 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Applied Research Third
2035 An achievement to technology and fabrication ceramic cores production line for advanced aeroparts International-KIA 26 2013 National Iran Defense Industries Research and Development Third PDF icon 26- Englishpart 64.pdf
2037 Rotary vane vacuum Pump International-KIA 16 2003 National Iran Mechanics Innovation Third
2039 Self-compacting concrete slag detection device in construction workshops Youth - KYA 15 2013 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Civil Engineering Applied Research Third