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1981 Design and manufacturing of electronic speech device (Voice vibrator) International-KIA 15 2002 National Iran Electronic and Computer Innovation Third
1983 Design and manufacturing of absorbing layers for X-ray, gamma, neutron, beta and alpha radiation International-KIA 20 2007 National Iran Defense Industries Innovation Second
1984 Designing, manufacturing and testing of combustion in porous media burner Youth - KYA 12 2010 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Mechanics Applied Research Second
1985 Design of ultralight aircraft wing with variable airfoil mechanism Youth - KYA 14 2012 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Aerospace Innovation Second
1988 Industrial production of primary and secondary emulsifiers for oil based drilling muds International-KIA 13 2000 National Iran Chemical Technologies Applied Research Third
1989 Evaluation of clay shear strength under earthquake loading International-KIA 11 1998 Iranian residing aboard Norway Civil Engineering _ Laureate PDF icon 11- eng- nadim.pdf
1990 Mobile Oil Treater (MOT) International-KIA 19 2006 National Iran Chemical Technologies Innovation Second PDF icon 19-e-45.pdf
1991 Modified methymethacrylate cranoplasty International-KIA 4 1991 National Iran Medical Sciences Innovation Third
1992 Youth - KYA 21 2019 Iran Third
1994 Efficiency maximization control and variable speed drive of single phase induction motors International-KIA 24 2011 National Iran Electronic and Computer Innovation Third PDF icon 24- 71.pdf
1995 Financial transactions management system (Aryana) Youth - KYA 20 2018 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Information Technology Research and Development Second
1997 Desalination of brackish water through Carrier-Gas Process (CGP) Youth - KYA 4 2002 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran - MSc graduate Second
1999 Citrulline deficient metabolism of tumors International-KIA 16 2003 Foreign England Medical Sciences Winner Second PDF icon 16-e-33.pdf
2000 Ecology of carriers and leishmaniasis reservoirs in Iran International-KIA 9 1996 National Iran Medical Sciences Fundamental Research Second