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Row Number Project Title Award Session Year Section Country Field Category Rank Eng part Keywordssort descending
1981 Automatic aircap cleaner system in painting robot Youth - KYA 10 2008 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Mechanics Research and Development Third
1982 Investigation of SSL protocol and its application in establishing a secure web site Youth - KYA 4 2002 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Electronic and Computer BSc Student Third
1983 Text visualization Youth - KYA 4 2002 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Art Technician Second
1984 Design and manufacturing of automation system for interlock and launching test of missile International-KIA 26 2013 National Iran Defense Industries Innovation Third PDF icon 26- Englishpart 68.pdf
1986 Circuit breaker Automatic tester International-KIA 6 1993 National Iran Electronic and Computer Innovation Third
1987 Arrester diagnostic monitoring device (ADMD) International-KIA 18 2005 National Iran Electronic and Computer Innovation Third Image icon 18-48.jpg
1990 Resource Recovery: conversion of agricultural wastes and residuals to biofuels and biomaterials International-KIA 29 2016 Iranian residing aboard Sweden Agricultural and Natural Resources Fundamental Research Second PDF icon 29- Englishpart 14.pdf
1991 Design and manufacture of rotary printing machine (textile) International-KIA 10 1997 National Iran Mechanics Innovation Third
1993 Using recycling plastics Instead expensive plant tissue culture containers Youth - KYA 7 2005 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Agricultural and Natural Resources Innovation Third
1994 Illustration Youth - KYA 15 2013 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Art Innovation Second
1995 Quantum Imaging International-KIA 18 2005 Foreign Italy Basic Sciences Distinguished Researcher _ PDF icon 18-100.pdf
1996 Making microwave absorber with barium ferrite Youth - KYA 8 2006 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Materials and Metallurgy Applied Research First
1997 Present a new computational intelligence filter for image enhancement Youth - KYA 1 1999 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Electronic and Computer PhD student -
1998 Non-Commutative geometry and its application in string theory International-KIA 13 2000 National Iran Basic Sciences Fundamental Research Second
2000 Advanced ECCM airborne radio International-KIA 24 2011 National Iran Defense Industries Applied Research Second PDF icon 24- 55.pdf