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1941 Identification of Iranian primary school student core vocabulary International-KIA 18 2005 National Iran Human Sciences Applied Research Second Image icon 18-88.jpg
1942 Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMTR) International-KIA 12 1999 Foreign India Electronic and Computer Winner First PDF icon 12-42.pdf
1943 Madad 5 International-KIA 8 1995 National Iran Defense Industries Innovation Second
1944 Design and manufacturing of body and structure of a kind of aircraft International-KIA 11 1998 National Iran Defense Industries Innovation First joint
1945 Automatic paint machine Youth - KYA 6 2004 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Chemistry Technician First
1947 Terrestrial and naval surveillance and tracking electro optical systems International-KIA 21 2008 National Iran Defense Industries Applied Research Third PDF icon 21- 55.pdf
1948 Design and manufacture of cutting foam machine Youth - KYA 13 2011 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Aerospace Research and Development Third
1949 Medical castration with Gnrh agonists in prostate cancer – it has become standard therapy worldwide, replacing surgery and high doses of estrogens. International-KIA 23 2010 Foreign Canada Medical Sciences Fundamental Research First PDF icon 23-e-50.pdf
1952 Car carrier trailer with two purpose for flatbed car transport and heavy load Youth - KYA 14 2012 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Mechanics Innovation Third
1954 International-KIA 33 2019 iran
1955 Laser warning and deception system International-KIA 25 2012 National Iran Defense Industries Applied Research Third PDF icon 25-e-53.pdf
1958 Design and production of thermal batteries International-KIA 15 2002 National Iran Chemical Technologies Applied Research Second joint
1959 Identification and characterization of antigens involved in autoimmune bullous dermatoses International-KIA 11 1998 Iranian residing aboard France Medical Sciences _ Laureate PDF icon 11-50.pdf
1960 Thermodynamics and synthetic study of metal complexes with macrocyclic ligands in different solvents International-KIA 5 1992 National Iran Basic Sciences  Research Second