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Row Number Project Title Award Session Year Section Country Field Category Rank Eng part Keywordssort ascending
2142 Seven houses in Zabul Youth - KYA 9 2007 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Art and Architecture Applied Research Third
2143 ANPR and enforcement traffic camera International-KIA 30 2017 National Iran Commercialization The Laureate achievement in national production First PDF icon 30- Englishpart 20.pdf
2146 Recognition and determination of trace amount of heavy metals, pesticides and drugs in environmental via novel extraction methods Youth - KYA 19 2017 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Nano Technology Fundamental Research First
2147 Design and manufacture of automatic lens cutting machine International-KIA 9 1996 National Iran Mechanics  Innovation Third
2148 Design and manufacturing of magnetostriction ultrasonic head (high power) International-KIA 21 2008 National Iran Mechanics Applied Research Third PDF icon 21- 47.pdf
2149 Design, fabrication, and clinical evaluation of a knee arthrometer to diagnose Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries Youth - KYA 7 2005 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Mechanics Innovation Second
2151 International-KIA 33 2018
2152 Design and manufacture of belt conveyor International-KIA 3 1990 National Iran Mechanics Innovation First
2153 Simulation and testing of properties of dual phase steels in micro and nano dimensions Youth - KYA 13 2011 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Materials and Metallurgy Applied Research Second
2154 Relativistically intense laser – matter interaction International-KIA 14 2001 Foreign Georgia Basic Sciences Winner Third Image icon 14-46.jpg
2156 Biomimetic oxidation of organic compounds using metalloporphyrins, supported metalloporphyrins, schiff base complexes & Ring opening of epoxides using high oxidation state metalloporphyrin. Youth - KYA 1 1999 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Basic Sciences PhD student -
2157 Technical Know-How of chromium International-KIA 12 1999 National Iran Materials and Metallurgy  Applied Research First joint
2159 Aria patient monitor: portable, with the ability to measure multi gas analyzer ARC) International-KIA 25 2012 National Iran Electronic and Computer Research and Development Second PDF icon 25-e-61.pdf