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Row Number Project Title Award Session Year Section Country Field Category Rank Eng part Keywordssort descending
2141 Integrated control system for equipment and energy management and pollutants Youth - KYA 19 2017 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Mechanics Research and Development Third
2143 Discovery of potential drug candidates for the treatment of Alzheimer`s disease and related dementias International-KIA 19 2006 Foreign Pakistan Chemical Technologies Distinguished Researcher _ PDF icon 19-e-21.pdf
2144 Hand guard for car door Youth - KYA 7 2005 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Mechanics Innovation Third
2145 CMOS process digital to analog International-KIA 12 1999 National Iran Electronic and Computer Applied Research Second
2147 Steel producing from molten pig iron International-KIA 3 1990 National Iran Materials and Metallurgy  Innovation Second
2149 Design, performance and modeling of Nano electrical discharge machining process International-KIA 24 2011 National Iran Mechanics Applied Research Third PDF icon 24- 59.pdf
2150 Phase recognizer instrument International-KIA 14 2001 National Iran Electronic and Computer Invention Third
2153 Recreation and imaginary plan of the city of Rab|-e Rashidi based on historical texts (deed of endowment) Youth - KYA 11 2009 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Art and Architecture Applied Research Third
2154 AryaGate: Modular and Integrated Gateway for Access Network International-KIA 28 2015 National Iran Electronic and Computer Research and Development Third PDF icon 28- Englishpart 7.pdf
2155 Full system for receiving images from polar-orbiting weather satellites Youth - KYA 1 1999 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Electronic and Computer - -
2156 105 Project International-KIA 8 1995 National Iran Defense Industries Applied Research First
2158 Design and manufacturing of test rig for axial compressor Youth - KYA 15 2013 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Mechanics Applied Research Third
2160 Arrester diagnostic monitoring device (ADMD) International-KIA 18 2005 National Iran Electronic and Computer Innovation Third Image icon 18-48.jpg