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Row Number Project Title Award Session Year Section Country Field Category Rank Eng part Keywordssort descending
161 Grinding machine for duplicating asymmetric objects International-KIA 12 1999 National Iran Mechanics  Invention Second
165 Electronic commander International-KIA 4 1991 National Iran Electronic and Computer Winner Student Second
166 Security system software (Owner Guard) Youth - KYA 7 2005 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Electronic and Computer Innovation Third
167 Mold making of upper and lower extremities International-KIA 1 1988 National Iran Medical Sciences Young inventor Laureate
168 History of Science in Islam International-KIA 14 2001 Foreign Saudi Arabia Human Sciences  Outstanding Researcher in the Islamic World _ PDF icon 14- Al daffa.pdf
169 Square hole drill bit Youth - KYA 2 2000 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran - Technician -
171 Design and manufacturing of high speed refrigerated centrifuges International-KIA 17 2004 National Iran Electronic and Computer Applied Research Third
172 Design, Manufacturing of micro satellite launcher tester (OMID) - Ground Stations International-KIA 22 2009 National Iran Defense Industries Applied Research Second joint PDF icon 22-45.pdf
173 Dehkhoda Dictionary International-KIA 9 1996 National Iran  Human Sciences Applied Research First
174 High speed satellite terminal with DVB-RCS Technology and terrestrial backup International-KIA 23 2010 National Iran Electronic and Computer Research and Development Third PDF icon 23-47.pdf
175 Laboratory device for determination of Pressure, Volume, and Temperature (PVT) Youth - KYA 11 2009 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Applied Research Third
176 Youth - KYA 22 2020 student iran second
178 From therapeutic orphans to pioneers of personalized medicine - international alliance for children with rare diseases of the immune system International-KIA 29 2016 Foreign Germany Medical Sciences Applied Research Second PDF icon 29- Englishpart 22.pdf
179 Presenting new algorithms in educational schedules and comparing them with existing methods Youth - KYA 6 2004 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Basic Sciences BSc Student Second
180 Design a translation software International-KIA 10 1997 National Iran Electronic and Computer Winner Student Second