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2041 Effect of high temperature and nutritional factors on thrombosis in brain micro vessels International-KIA 13 2000 Foreign Egypt Medical Sciences Winner Third PDF icon 13-51.pdf
2042 Making resistant the A.P.C|s hull against 7.62-30 mm AP bullet International-KIA 18 2005 National Iran Defense Industries Innovation Third Joint PDF icon 18-68.pdf
2044 Design and construction of pulse tube cryocooler International-KIA 22 2009 National Iran Mechanics  Applied Research Second PDF icon 22-37.pdf
2045 Designing and manufacturing of Vitrectomy Probe (ophthalmic surgery) International-KIA 10 1997 National Iran Biomedical engineering Innovation Third
2047 Modified methymethacrylate cranoplasty International-KIA 4 1991 National Iran Medical Sciences Innovation Third
2048 Investigate the effect of the endogenous cannabinoid system and lithium on rat corpus cavernosum tissue function Youth - KYA 9 2007 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Biotechnology and Basic Medical Sciences Fundamental Research Second
2049 Pathogenesis of malaria International-KIA 29 2016 Foreign Australia Medical Sciences Applied Research First PDF icon 29- Englishpart 21.pdf
2051 Prostate surgery laser International-KIA 26 2013 National Iran Basic Sciences Applied Research Third PDF icon 26- Englishpart 57.pdf
2052 Construction of BTS for mobile International-KIA 13 2000 National Iran Electronic and Computer Applied Research First
2055 Ecology of carriers and leishmaniasis reservoirs in Iran International-KIA 9 1996 National Iran Medical Sciences Fundamental Research Second
2056 Making a six-foot robot Youth - KYA 3 2001 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Graduate Third
2058 Design and Prototyping of peripheral flow air turbine Youth - KYA 17 2015 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Aerospace Applied Research Second
2059 Youth - KYA 22 2020 student iran first
2060 Pyrosequencing; a tool for sequence-based DNA analysis International-KIA 16 2003 Iranian residing aboard USA Biotechnology and Basic Medical Sciences _ Third PDF icon 16-e-29.pdf