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Row Number Project Title Award Session Year Section Country Fieldsort descending Category Rank Eng part Keywords Researcher(s)
2321 Design and construction of pilot plant for extraction of essential oils from herbs International-KIA 11 1998 National Iran  Chemical Technologies Applied Research Second
  1. Goodarznia
  2. Ikani
    Mohammad Hassan
2322 Gas detector (Chemical Detection) International-KIA 4 1991 National Iran  Chemical Technologies Research Second
  1. Isfahan Jihad Sazandegi Engineering Research Center
2323 Discovery and introduction of new isocyanides-based multicomponent reactions using (Combinatorial chemistry finding) and (rational design) International-KIA 23 2010 National Iran  Chemical Technologies Fundamental Research Third PDF icon 23-35.pdf
  1. Shaabani
2324 Software for teaching and its problem solving physics International-KIA 10 1997 National Iran  Electronic and Computer Winner Student Second
  1. Bigdeli Shamloo
2325 Computerize telephone distributor International-KIA 1 1988 National Iran  Electronic and Computer Innovation Second
  1. Shafigh Nobari
2326 Dehkhoda Dictionary International-KIA 9 1996 National Iran  Human Sciences Applied Research First
  1. Shahidi
    Seyed Jafar
2327 Rooting of the new age literature International-KIA 5 1992 National Iran  Human Sciences Research Third
  1. Ghobadi
    Hossien Ali
2328 Projects: 1- Making rolling rollers by centrifugal method 2- Use Mazut instead of Coke in long furnace International-KIA 9 1996 National Iran  Materials and Metallurgy Innovation Second
  1. Ghaffari
2329 Research in the production of dental amalgam alloy International-KIA 2 1989 National Iran  Materials and Metallurgy  Research Second
  1. Mirdamadi