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Row Number Project Title Award Session Year Section Country Field Category Ranksort descending Eng part Keywords
2181 Microbial modification of poultry manure into protein enriched and uric acid free feed stuff International-KIA 12 1999 Foreign Egypt Biotechnology and Basic Medical Sciences Guest of Honor _ Image icon 12-48.jpg
2182 Powerful technique for modeling the nonlinearities encountered in analogue electronic circuits and systems International-KIA 19 2006 Foreign Saudi Arabia Electronic and Computer Distinguished Researcher _ PDF icon 19-e-22.pdf
2183 Scientific and engineering advancements in atmospheric corrosion International-KIA 19 2006 Foreign Sweden Chemical Technologies Distinguished Researcher _ PDF icon 19-e-18.pdf
2184 Bioreactor design in biotechnology applications engineering principles and process innovations International-KIA 19 2006 Foreign Canada Biotechnology and Basic Medical Sciences Distinguished Researcher _ PDF icon 19-e-20.pdf
2185 Iranian Culture International-KIA 19 2006 Foreign USA Human Sciences  Guest of Honor _ PDF icon 19-e-23.pdf
2186 Identification of carcinogens present in environment and food International-KIA 8 1995 Foreign Bangladesh Chemical Technologies Guest of Honor _
2187 Wear and Tear characteristic properties and methods of diesel engine parts reliability increase International-KIA 8 1995 Foreign Uzbekistan Mechanics Guest of Honor _
2188 Characterization of local plasmodium falciparum isolates by cloning and susceptibility studies against antimalarial drugs International-KIA 8 1995 Foreign Malaysia Chemical Technologies Guest of Honor _
2189 The study of proteins function using mass spectrometry and proteomics International-KIA 32 2019 Foreign USA Biotechnology and Basic Medical Sciences Fundamental Research _ PDF icon 32-E- 18.pdf
2190 Postharvest technologies for Carabao mango International-KIA 8 1995 Foreign Philippine Agricultural and Natural Resources Guest of Honor _ PDF icon 7- eng- lizada.pdf
2191 Designing new mental methods in mathematical operations International-KIA 10 1997 National Iran Basic Sciences  Special Selected ___