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2101 An unpowered exoskeleton for energy efficiency and fatigue delay in hip joint during running Youth - KYA 20 2018 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Electronic and Computer Innovation Third
2102 Synthesis of poly dimethyl siloxane (PDMS) membrane for separation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) from fuel gas streams in chemical units Youth - KYA 11 2009 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Chemical Technologies Applied Research Second
2104 Research and production of SHAHIN missile International-KIA 25 2012 National Iran Defense Industries Research and Development Second PDF icon 25-e-60.pdf
2106 Grinding machine for duplicating asymmetric objects International-KIA 12 1999 National Iran Mechanics  Invention Second
2107 Analysis in visual arts Youth - KYA 4 2002 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Art Technician Third
2108 Gas detector (Chemical Detection) International-KIA 4 1991 National Iran  Chemical Technologies Research Second
2110 Development of technology and production of recombinant pharmaceuticals International-KIA 31 2018 National Iran Biotechnology and Basic Medical Sciences Research and Development Third PDF icon 31- Englishpart 10.pdf
2111 Satellite Earth Station International-KIA 15 2002 National Iran Electronic and Computer Research and Development Second
2115 Design and manufacture of sharpening machine R125 International-KIA 8 1995 National Iran Mechanics  Innovation Second
2116 Radio navigation system International-KIA 8 1995 National Iran Electronic and Computer Innovation Third Joint
2118 Laboratory extraction of canthaxanthin by the continuous method Youth - KYA 16 2014 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Agricultural and Natural Resources  Fundamental Research Third
2119 Investigate the effect of the endogenous cannabinoid system and lithium on rat corpus cavernosum tissue function Youth - KYA 9 2007 Young Researcher/Technologist Iran Biotechnology and Basic Medical Sciences Fundamental Research Second
2120 Improvement on electrochemical methods International-KIA 16 2003 Foreign China Chemical Technologies Winner First PDF icon 16-e-31.pdf